April Giveaway!!


April Giveaway!!!


Sign up to follow my blog and be entered into a drawing on April 30th for a FREE 8×10″ matted and framed custom watercolor portrait!!  Drawing will be held on April 30th at 8pm and winner will be announced thereafter.  This is a $120 value.  Go to my Facebook page (Watercolor Creations Gallery) and share my page for an additional chance to win.  Good luck!

New Beginning


New Beginning

This is a commissioned painting that I did for a young woman that I watched grow up from a young girl into a beautiful (inside and out) woman.  She is now a mother of the most adorable little baby girl, now one year old.  I enjoy painting wedding pictures, as they are so precious; full of excitement of a new journey through life together, and wonderment of what’s to come.

I have been married (and soon to be divorced) twice now.  It is not how I had envisioned my life, and there are times where I can’t help but think, “what is wrong with me”.  What could I have done differently…what could I have said that may have changed the course of the life of me and my partner.  In my limited wisdom from both age and experience, I now believe that there are a million answers to those questions.  I wasn’t perfect, my partner wasn’t perfect, and ultimately, not one person, but in fact, both are to blame for the untimely demise of our relationship.  Hindsight is always 20/20, and that’s because we often see what we refused to see when we were together with that person.  It’s always easier to blame the other person, but the truth is, in my humble opinion, that there is always some blame on both parties.  I won’t go into the details of how my marriages dissolved, but as a wiser person, who truly tries to learn from my experiences, I think that in both cases, we simply grew apart.  We “allowed” ourselves to grow apart.  It’s tragic and sad, especially when there are children are involved.  But, one must hope that they can pick up the pieces, learn from the past, and continue their journey into the future.  That’s what I have done, and I have to say that I am happier than I have ever been.  I have a wonderful man that has been in my life for the last nearly three years, and because we have both been married, I believe that we don’t have unrealistic expectations or fantasies about what a relationship should be.  We have taken our experiences to heart, and  together, we appreciate the relationship that we have, still appreciating our previous experiences.

I went into my first marriage very young (just turned 19) and had unrealistic expectation of what marriage would be.  I was still very much a child, so I was literally growing-up as I was first experiencing my role as a wife.  Not the best combination to ensure a lasting marriage.  Top that off with the loss of a child, parents (on both side) and other stressful situations, and you have the perfect recipe for a failed marriage.  Sure, if I could go back, I would change many things, but on the other hand, I may not have changed a thing, as it led me to where I am today.  I am happy, in love, doing what I love (watercolor painting).  I have beautiful, happy, adult children, and grandchildren.  I have many blessings in my life and I truly wouldn’t change a thing.



Days of Lavender



“Days of Lavender”

I am loving the beautiful Spring weather we have been experiencing here in the Pacific Northwest.  The warm sunshine, new blossoms, and sounds of lawnmowers cutting blades of grass now reaching for the sky.  My favorite season has always been Spring, probably because I have been fortunate to live in an area that is picture-perfect when in bloom.  One of my favorite flowers is lavender.  Aside from the gorgeous color, the fragrance is heavenly.  I’m not big on floral scents, but I do love lavender, fresh or dried.  I even love lavender-scented products (ie: laundry detergent, hand soap, lotions).  I love smelling fresh clean, lavender-scented towels!!  Something about white linen and lavender just puts me in a good mood. In fact, my bedroom is white and lavender, which just feels so fresh and clean to me.  For some reason, lavender emotes feelings of a fresh new start, or starting over.  It’s a time to renew goals, forgive yourself for mistakes made, make positive changes, and start fresh.  It’s also a time for gratitude; gratitude for the opportunity to start anew, and for the many blessings in our life.  I am grateful for my family, the many friends in my life, my faith and the gift to express myself through watercolor. I am thankful for my days of lavender.  


Only “Littles” for a Little While


This is a picture I painted that brought me back to when my kids were still little (all now in their 20s).  It’s titled “Morning’s Lullaby”, referring to the many early mornings I fed and rocked my children back to sleep.  It was an amazing time.  It’s fun to watch them grow into adults (most of the time…I’m not going to lie, the teenage years were not kind a few times).  Everyone tells you that it happens “in a blink of an eye”; however you truly don’t realize it until your kids are grown.  Right before your eyes, they go from a helpless infant in your arms, snuggling into your neck, into a grown-up with children of their own.  My kids are adults, and grandchildren have helped ease the melancholy moments, but my children will always be my babies.

Life in Watercolor…the Beginning



I have been wanting to create a blog for the past year.  I probably have a million pins to my Pinterest board about it.  Today, I stopped thinking about it and DID it!  Now, it’s time to get going.  So first of all, a little about me.  I am a 48-year-old mother of 4 great kids and 3 grandchildren that I absolutely adore (I’m sure there will be a future blog dedicated to those perfect little cherubs).  I have an amazing man in my life and love that he whole-heartedly supports me in all my endeavors. I am originally from California; however I have pretty much lived in Oregon (other than a couple of short bouts in Arizona and Nevada) from my ‘tween years into adulthood.  My parents moved to Oregon, as they loved the scenery here, and I have to say, it is beautiful!  I love living in the Pacific Northwest, and it was a great place to raise my amazing children.  I have been in healthcare for nearly 30 years.  I love healthcare and it is a wonderful field that has been good to me; however my heart has been somewhere else for several years now…watercolor.  I have been a water-colorist for nearly ten years.  I wanted to be a water-colorist for many more years; however I had always heard how difficult this medium is and many recommended other, easier mediums, such as acrylics or oils.  I did try acrylics for awhile, but deep down, I longed to try the ever-elusive watercolors.

My first attempt at watercolors came after I had arranged for rotating art at a health care clinic that I managed at the time. The idea was to have various artists bring in multiple pieces of their artwork in and hang in our clinic for patients and visitors to enjoy, rotating artists and artwork each month.  The first artist that came in, was an older woman, in her 70s.  She was paralyzed on her right side and her husband came with her to get set up and hang her pictures throughout the clinic.  I was fascinated with her work.  She had a lot of florals (I even purchased a painting from her) and they were simply amazing.  As her husband was getting the pieces set up, she and I discussed her pieces and time frame in which they were painted.  As I gushed over her artwork, I also shared that I had longed to paint in watercolor and the reason I had avoided it.  She then shared with me that she used to be right-handed; however after she suffered a stroke, leaving her paralyzed on the right side, including her arm, she had to teach herself how to paint with her left hand.  I was in complete shock, as the majority of her work had been done since her stroke.  She then told me I shouldn’t put it off any longer and she would be glad to teach me the basics of watercolors.  She was my first instructor, and she gave me my first watercolor board.  It was empowering, and I loved it from the first brush-stroke.  I couldn’t believe that I had put it off for so many years and had no idea the amount of joy that it would bring me over the years.  I have had several mentors since then, but she will always have a special place in my heart as she was such an inspiration for me to begin my amazing journey in watercolors.  Nearly 10 years later, my passion for watercolor painting has grown beyond what I could have ever imagined.  I now have a website where I sell my art.  I also sell on Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram.  I love any and all watercolor sessions; however I especially love to create pieces that have meaning to others.  I have found my style and enjoy watching pieces come to life as they are created.

This blog is to simply share my art and what it means to me and others.  Share life experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly.  My family and faith come first in my life.  I hope to share this piece of my life as well.  I welcome anyone to visit my blog and share with others.

Create a blog…check!