Coloring; The Relaxing Art of Play


Sometimes you just want to be a kid again, and not have to worry about the stresses of life, such as work, politics, bills, etc.  I love watercolor painting!  It takes me away from chaos of everyday life.  It allows me an outlet to be creative and express myself.  Not everyone wants to invest in watercolor painting as a hobby; however there seems to be a lot of folks into the adult coloring craze.  I am getting ready to launch my first book, a coloring book to be exact.  “Henna, Coloring Book”, a fun book of various pictures of mandalas will be available on soon, as well as my personal website,  In celebration of the launch of this color book, you can download a few pages now for FREE!!  Get ready to play with colors…relax, get your creative process going and forget about everything else!!!  Grab your favorite crayons, or colored pencils out and let’s get zen and color!  Download your free coloring pages here:

FREE Henna Coloring Page 1

FREE Henna Coloring Page 2

FREE Henna Coloring Page 3

Happy coloring!!


4 thoughts on “Coloring; The Relaxing Art of Play

    • Thanks Adriana!! I’ve been thinking about doing that myself…I’ve got too many projects going on, so I haven’t had much time for anything between coloring book, commissioned watercolors and running my shop. Hope you enjoy the downloads!! 🙂


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