Needing Vitamin Sea



I love the beach….I mean, I absolutely, seriously, LOVE the beach.  The sand, the water, the waves, everything!  For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to water.  I love  bobbing through the waves and feeling the sun on my face (with sunscreen, of course).  There’s something very serene about it, and I can truly feel my serotonin level raise just seeing the ocean.  My true happy place is somewhere we typically travel on an annual basis, Maui.  We stay in a little town, called Kihei.  This little town is low-key and the pace is casual.  When I have the choice of where to travel, I always choose Kihei.  We know the town pretty well, and can get around easily, whether it’s driving down to Makena Beach (every day) to set up “our spot” in the sand, or driving to one of the local hangouts, such as Moose McGillycuddy’s to watch a football game (if we are there during football season).  We know where the little ice cream shops are, and where to get our snorkeling gear.  It’s like we are locals, but not.  I have thought about selling everything I own and moving there.  If not for my kids and grandkids, I would be living there now.  I don’t think it’s possible to be sad, and at the beach at the same time.  The sound of the waves is simply heavenly.  The air even smells different there.  It’s sweeter than anywhere else I have ever been.  I don’t know if it is the array of unique foliage that grows there, or if it is a combination of the sea and foliage.  Whatever it is, I love it.  I want to bottle it up and savor it.  I would sell it if I could, just so others could experience this delightful aroma I have only found there.  Whenever I am in Kihei, I simply feel grateful; grateful to have the opportunity to experience such amazing beauty, grateful to experience it with someone I love, grateful to be alive, grateful for my life.  The list goes on…

I often find the beach to be a bit of a metaphor.  With all of life’s ups and downs, and negativity, I find that the beach washes all of that way, even if only for awhile.  The sounds of the schooners taking crowds of people out for snorkeling adventures, the little (and not so little) kids running and playing near the water and squealing when the water actually touches them, it all drowns out much of the negative chatter going on my busy brain.  The smell of coconut oil and sunscreen makes me smile, whether I’m at the beach or not.  I even buy coconut scented products to bring me back to my “happy place”.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, where it can rain.  A lot.  While it’s beautiful here, the winters can be rough.  I really miss the ocean, the tropical fish, the sand, and that sweet smell in the air.  I miss it all!!!

It’s time to go back to work…back to the daily grind.  I look forward to our next trip (next August).  Just thinking about it, puts a smile on my face.  I need some beach time…some Vitamin Sea.  Can’t be soon enough



6 thoughts on “Needing Vitamin Sea

    • Thank you for stopping by!! I can imaging how much you miss the coast!! I’m lucky that I live fairly close to anything…the coast is only an hour and a half away. But, it’s not the same as the white beaches of Maui with the teal blue water… sigh…. ❤


  1. I agree 100% that vitamin Sea cures all! We live in the Midwest and look forward to our yearly family trip to a beach in NC. Thanks for taking me to your favorite – your description made me feel as if I were there 🙂


  2. Jana says:

    I love love loveee watercolor, it’s my favorite medium! We live by the beach so this is perfect! If you are ever near Myrtle Beach, I’d love to meet up!


    • Watercolor is an amazing medium!!!! I avoided it for so many years, as I heard how difficult it was to work with, but once I did, I fell in love!!!! Would love to meet up some day!! I’ll definitely let you know if I ever make it that way! ❤


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